Applied Ceramic Labelling

Applied ceramic labelling offers a multitude of design options for glass, especially for flat glass. In the printing process, water-soluble paint is directly printed onto the glass pane through an extremely fine piece of mesh (screen) using specially engineered installations. Subsequently, drying of the screen-print takes place in downstream furnaces. During this process the glass is tempered and at the same time the paint is being baked on in this special type of tempering (ESG-)furnaces.

Advantages of screen-print on flat glass:

  • Permanent baking of paint after tempering
  • Perfectly suitable for in-door or out-door purposes
  • Printing of flat glass panes from 4 up to 100 mm
  • Sunlight resistant, scratch and abrasion-proof
  • Finishing as insulation glass is possible
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Plate single-pane tempered safety glass (ESG) and screen-print

Applied Ceramic Labelling

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