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Our company is in the process of being established.
Here you will find information on the current stage of development.
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Excellent start of production on 18th August 2014 of GELI GmbH Ilmenau

Only a few weeks after the assembly of the single-pane safety glass (ESG)-oven and of all periphery machines on 18th August 2014 the serial production of (ESG) plates could be initiated. After just a few days of pilot production all technical parameters for the production of (ESG) were achieved to the satisfaction of all those involved.

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Production divisions

In several stages, our company, Geli GmbH Ilmenau, is going to start production on 18-08-2014.

Plate single-pane tempered safety glass (ESG) with/without screen-print

Curved ESG with/without screen-print with several bending radii

Curved ESG with/without screen-print with cylindrical shapes

Flat and curved ESG with/without screen-print for insulation glass

Technical specifications

Glass size: 2,500 x 1,800 mm maximum - 400 x 300 mm minimum
Glass thickness: 4 - 10 mm depending on the type of glass


Technical specifications


Glass size: 2,500 x 1,800 mm maximum - 400 x 300 mm minimum
Glass thickness: 4 - 10 mm depending on the type of glass


Production specifications


Types of glass:

Float glass / clear glass
Fully colored glass
Pyrolytic coatings
Magnetron coatings
Emalit and Seralit coatings
ThermaGuard, ClimaGuard dry

ThermaGuard 3


Glass processing:

CNC processing / free shapes
Safety glass / plane / bent
Insulation glass / > 3rd stage / gas


Types of edging:

Seamed flat edge


Edge quality:

Seamed edges
Dimensionally accurate ground edges, dimensional accuracy
Ground edges
Polished edges

Applied Ceramic Labelling

Applied ceramic labelling offers a multitude of design options for glass, especially for flat glass. In the printing process, water-soluble paint is directly printed onto the glass pane through an extremely fine piece of mesh (screen) using specially engineered installations. Subsequently, drying of the screen-print takes place in downstream furnaces. During this process the glass is tempered and at the same time the paint is being baked on in this special type of tempering (ESG-)furnaces.

Advantages of screen-print on flat glass:

  • Permanent baking of paint after tempering
  • Perfectly suitable for in-door or out-door purposes
  • Printing of flat glass panes from 4 up to 100 mm
  • Sunlight resistant, scratch and abrasion-proof
  • Finishing as insulation glass is possible

Fields of application in series production

Special fields of application due to multiple design options for flat glass:

  • Facades, complete glass installations and glazed out-door balustrades
  • Bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, panes for counters or in-door refrigeration units
  • Maximum pane size for screen-printing: 1,800 x 2,500 mm
  • Minimum pane size for screen-printing: 400 x 300 mm
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Plate single-pane tempered safety glass (ESG) and screen-print

Applied Ceramic Labelling

Fields of application

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