Historical background

The glass industry and Ilmenau are inextricably intertwined. For centuries glass has been produced and processed in Ilmenau. Following an order of the duke Johann Ernst zu Sachsen-Weimar the first glass factory was founded in Ilmenau already in 1675/1679. Until 1996 nine other glass factories were established in Ilmenau. A second glass factory was built in Hammergrund in Ilmenau (at the end of Ilmenau heading towards Manebach) in 1731/1748.

Later, Hammergrund became a huge saw mill. During the Third Reich Hammergrund was used as an arms factory and in times of the German Democratic Republic bananas were stored in order to ripen in the cellars of the buildings.

Glass industry came back to Hammergrund after the year 1990. In 2004 halls were extended and modernized. Mainly safety glasses and shaped flat glasses were produced. Flat glass panes were produced according to the gravity bending method, safety glass panes (ESG) were produced as plane and bent panes among others.

After some years of interruption this traditional site of production was revived, which was the objective of some investors. Three partners founded Geli-Glas GmbH in June 2013. The newly founded Geli-Glas GmbH starts its production of plane and bent safety glass (ESG) on July 2014. In a second stage plane and bent insulating glass (partly step-shaped insulation glass) will be produced.

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